Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Committee

The Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Committee is tasked with developing and maintaining community-regulated BCOP documents that provide synthesized knowledge of current, real-world network engineering standards and best practices. OIX BCOPs are intended to provide clear and technically sound advice about operational practices that is useful to create more resilient and efficient global internet infrastructure.


A second task of the BCOP Committee is to develop and maintain the OIX Document Development Process (DDP). The goal of the DDP is to ensure that all OIX documents are developed under the constraint of four basic principles: Open, transparent, bottom-up, and on-going.


Committee Members

All of Open-IX Committees are comprised of volunteer representatives from the Global Internet community, who are coming together to create a better, safer, stronger, fairer Internet.

The expected weekly time commitment for task completion is 1-2 hours per week. It is asked that volunteers for this committee commit to a one-year term.


Chris Grundemann, Chair (Myriad Supply)

Jim DeLeskie (Mimir Networks)