IXP Standards Committee

The Open-IX Association IXP Standards Committee is tasked with the development and maintenance of identifying and outlining a standard set of technical and operational guidelines for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) known as OIX-1 Certification. The standards describe the requirements an IXP should adhere to in order for Open-IX to certify the IXP. It is expected that the standard will be continuously updated as experience, practice, technology and member input progresses.

The IXP Standards Committee and/or discussions among the Open-IX membership community are the drivers for changes or adjustments to the guidelines. Any changes to the standard will be discussed openly on the Open-IX mailing list, during OIX Board meetings, and appropriate fora in order for the community to agree with these changes.

A second task of the IXP Standards Committee is to evaluate IXP requests for certification against the OIX-1 standards.

Committee Members

All of Open-IX Committees are comprised of volunteer representatives from the Global Internet community, who are coming together to create a better, safer, stronger, fairer Internet.

The expected weekly time commitment for task completion is one to two (1-2) hours per week. It is asked that volunteers for this committee commit to a one-year term.

Matt Griswold, United IX, Chair
Chris Malayter, CoreSite, Board Liaison
Eric Ballard, Stream Data Centers
Bryan Brooks, Pavlov Media
Tom Kacprzynski, Rackspace
Chris Spears, OARnet

Matt Griswold, Chair, IXP Standards Committee

  Matt Griswold is currently CTO at United IX, an Internet exchange based in Chicago.   He has a  broad background in development, networking and system                             administration, and is passionate  about peering and Internet.