Open-IX AGM Candidates 2014

2014 Board Nominations

Annual General Meeting

Friday, September 5th, 2014

10:30 AM – 5:00 PM

(R) Open-IX Association Nominating Committee Endorsement



Gabe Cole  (R)

Gabe Cole, Founder of RTE Group, is an accomplished Technology Executive with over 20 years’ experience across data center, network, and cloud.

Gabe assists service providers and enterprises with converged network and data center design, procurement, and migration including colocation and the XaaS stack of services. He has personally worked on over 150 engagements in North America and EMEA. He is an expert at balancing reliability and performance requirements against technology and business limitations to consistently increase performance at progressively lower price points. In addition, he is frequently called on by investors for assistance with data centers, telco hotels, data center technologies, and services companies.

Gabe has also founded and/or participated in a number of venture-backed emergent technology companies including Telwares, Virtustream, Verne Global, Enclave, and Ixpanse. He was one of three founders of CO Space, Inc., a leading provider of colocation and data center facilities and related operations services to the telecommunications, data, and Internet markets. CO Space was acquired by Internap Network Services Corporation in 2000.

Gabe is an engineer at heart and an expert in IT architecture, with a current professional focus on the development of highly efficient data centers at “edge” locations where the convergence of local (mobile and terrestrial) networks, backbone networks, and content/application providers is enabling next generation services.Gabe holds SB and SM degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • Promoting peering near the edge of the network is critical for the next generation of content and application delivery. Open-IX provides a valuable framework to encourage this.
  • “Meshing” of data centers throughout a metropolitan area reduces the risk associated with a single traditional carrier hotel model. My hope is to get more people from network providers involved in Open-IX to enhance this aspect.
  • Finally, I think creating a rich eco system of small, medium, and large exchange operators, data center owner/operators, and network providers is critical to success. I will continue my speaking and meeting with people in North America and beyond in support of ever broader reach and inclusion.


William Charnock


William Charnock (R)

Will is the Vice President of Network Architecture and Engineering at Limelight Networks, where he is responsible for the architecture and interconnections strategy of Limelight’s global CDN network. Prior to that he spent 11 years at SoftLayer as the Vice President of Network Engineering and Operations where he oversaw all network functions for SoftLayer’s global network as they grew from a small regional hosting provider to one of the largest cloud computing providers in the world, with datacenters in North America, Europe, and Asia. Will has spent the better part of the last 20 years working in Internet infrastructure businesses and is an active member of the Internet community.


  • Educating government and regulatory agencies about open-access policies and the benefits to the consumers
  • Developing a robust and competitive interconnection ecosystem in the US (and elsewhere)
  • Fight to ensure that Net Neutrality policies are strong and favorable to the consumers




Jim Deleskie

Jim is the Chief Architect for world’s 5th largest Tier 1 IP Network, Heimdall Networks. He architected the world’s largest DDoS attack detection & mitigation deployment and protected some of the most well known companies in the world. Jim leads overall company technology vision and product development.




  • To come


Christian Koch


Christian Koch (R)

Christian is currently an Interconnection Strategist at Microsoft, where he contributes to overall interconnection strategy, as well as the development and growth of Microsoft’s Global Network. Previously, Christian has held a number of roles within engineering, and a focus on Backbone Networks, Network Acquistion, and Traffic Engineering at companies like Twitter, Meebo, QTS, Globix, and Fordham University. His interests primarily include interconnection, traffic management, and mobile networks.



  • Involved from the inception in a volunteer capacity on the By-Laws Committee and Membership Committee, Very Familiar with the operation and goals of the organization
  • Continue to spread the Open-IX message and educate our industry
  • Streamline the certification process
  • Understands the importance of the Open-IX intiaitive and objectives from a Content Provider’s point of view


Chris Malayter


Chris Malayter

Chris Malayter is Senior Director of Network Engineering at CoreSite. His responsibilities include design, implementation, and operations of all electronic transmission infrastructure including the Any2 peering exchange. He has over 15 years of experience in the networking, datacenter, and Internet exchange fields. Chris has experience in network engineering, architecture, and operations. He has held positions at Equinix, Switch and Data, Broadwing, and TDS Telecom. Chris has previously served as the chair of the NANOG mailing list committee, volunteers for PeeringDB, and serves as a member of the Open-IX Datacenter Committee.


  • Create a more inclusive cost structure to drive wide scale adoption of Open-IX certification.
  • Work to create additional certifications to cover smaller community driven IX’s
  • Work to add other areas where standards could be developed (PUE).


Bill Manning


Bill Manning

I’ve done a few things over the past 20 year that involve Internet Exchanges. In 1994, I was part of the RA project, along with Bill Norton and others, building the first IX’s. from 1996-2009, I owned EP.NET, which provided services to IX’s in the USA, including the first exchanges in Europe, Asia, and Africa. I gave my IX database to PCH, which built its business around tracking IX growth. After working with ARIN to transfer IP space to exchanges, I sold the rest of EP.NET to CyrusOne. So there has been some tangential involvement over the years. Currently I am semi-retired, doing some work on decentralized systems for government clients.


  • Objective metrics an exchange can be measured against
  • Promoting exchanges as a core infrastructure element




Vinay Nagpal

Vinay Nagpal is responsible for growing DFT’s carrier-neutral connectivity and peering options, supporting customers’ networking requirements and managing the telecommunications infrastructure at DFT’s data centers nationwide. Vinay has 19 years of experience in wholesale, retail and enterprise data centers focused on networking and connectivity. Vinay has been actively involved with the Open-IX Association in building better and open standards for Peering and Interconnection in North America. Vinay is on the Data Center Standards Committee of Open-IX and has been actively involved in developing data center and Meet-Me-Room standards to support Open-IX certified Internet Exchanges. Vinay is also on the LINX NoVA Customer Advisory Board in Northern Virginia promoting the LINX distributed Internet Exchange in Northern Virginia.

Previously, Vinay has held several senior-level positions in Product Development and Product Management at Tata Communications, Verizon, MCI, Digex and UUNET supporting Data Center Services worldwide. Vinay has lived and worked in four countries—US, Canada, Australia and India. Vinay has an MBA degree in Information Systems from Australia, a B.S. degree in Computer Science from India and ITIL certification from US. Vinay has authored white papers and industry publications on Data Center Outsourcing and IT infrastructure and he has been a featured speaker on Data Centers, Interconnection, and Peering at industry events.


I believe that Open-IX Association is the catalyst in the industry to bring about improved standards for peering and cost-effective interconnections in North America, providing increased peering choices to the community in carrier-neutral and data center-neutral environments. I am glad to have been part of Open-IX from its early inception days and involved in promoting the idea of distributed data-center neutral exchanges amongst industry peers, customers, prospects, carriers and organization peers. I’ve been fortunate to be part of the Data Center Standards Committee working with the team in setting the OIX-2 standards and subsequently reviewing data center certification applications from data center providers / MMR operators / Colocation providers. If elected to the board of Open-IX, I aspire to:

  • actively participate in industry events to create increased awareness of Open-IX
  • partner with certified Data Centers and Internet Exchanges to promote membership on OIX-1 certified IXPs
  • encourage additional data centers and IXPs to get certified
  • engage North-American member-run IXPs (TorIX, SIX) to get them more involved with Open-IX
  • continue moving forward the momentum created by the current board (in a very short time period)
  • support requests from other parts of the world for collaborating with Open-IX to adopt the model in other regions
  • evaluate current standards and enforce updates/additions (as necessary) with board members and community
  • prepare an overall Marketing plan to include–case studies (Open-IX successes in North America), lessons learnt, industry event participation, white papers


Eli Scher


Eli Scher (R)

Eli D. Scher is the founder of New Continuum Holdings Corporation, and serves as Chairman and CEO of Continuum Data Centers, a Chicago-based colocation services business. Continuum’s CDC 603 is the first OIX-2 certified facility in the Chicago region. Additionally, he has served on the data center standards sub-committee of Open-IX since June 2014. Mr. Scher is an entrepreneur with a broad array of investing and operating experience. Prior to forming Continuum he worked as an analyst at prominent New York hedge funds where he analyzed corporate securities. Previously, Mr. Scher co-founded and served as CEO of GSME Capital Partners, a private, early stage investment partnership, and GSME Acquisition Partners I, a publicly traded acquisition vehicle. Additionally, he was Chief Financial Officer and director of MCG Group a Shanghai-based LED-advertising company, and was the co-founder, President and CFO of Fundamental Films. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of Plastec Technologies, a precision process manufacturer, which he acquired through GSME Acquisition Partners I. Mr. Scher received his AB from Princeton University.


  • Mr. Scher is a vocal proponent of Open-IX, and the mission and values it stands for. His CDC 603 data center is the first OIX2 certified facility in the Chicago region, and he is a member of the Open-IX data center standards sub-committee.
  • As an independent, privately held data center owner/operator, Mr. Scher represents an important, albeit fragmented, contingent of the overall community Open-IX seeks to address. As a member of the board he would represent the unique interests of this critical faction.
  • Mr. Scher is a highly effective communicator, and has been active in disseminating the OIX message through speaking engagements at conferences, investor roundtables and various public and private forums. As a member of the board, Mr. Scher would continue these efforts, and also articulate feedback to the board from his discussions.
  • As an experienced entrepreneur and investor at the institutional level, Mr. Scher brings a unique perspective to OIX, which allows him to understand and navigate the complex, and in many cases, conflicting interests of operators, investors and end users. His consensus building skills will help negotiate these interests into actionable results.
  • As Open-IX seeks to change the conditions for interconnection in North America, Mr. Scher’s investment and business expertise as a member of the board of directors would be an invaluable complement to the OIX leadership team.


Josh Snowhorn


Josh Snowhorn

I currently serve as the VP & GM of Interconnection at CyrusOne (NASDAQ: CONE). We were the 1st company to have multiple site OIX-2 Data Center certifications doing this across 6 sites in 3 states. I have been an ardent supporter of OIX and have actively served on the Data Center Standards Committee from the outset. I have used my role as an executive in a publicly traded Data Center REIT to speak to analysts and the markets at every opportunity to provide clarity on the OIX process and goals. I would love to continue that role as a serving Board Member.

For those of you who do not know my past…I was employee #6 at Terremark responsible for all interconnection and peering there for 12 years including 1 year under the Verizon umbrella. I have hosted several NANOG’s for Terremark and CyrusOne and previously served on the program committee at NANOG for 4 years. I have been a frequent speaker at networking events including various peering forums, NANOG, RIPE, Apricot and other technical conferences focused on peering, interconnection, power and cooling in Data Centers. I was the co-founder of the Global Peering Forum almost 10 years ago and am proud of the success and endurance of that yearly event over the last decade.

I humbly submit that my vast experience in our industry building data centers, hosting the Global Peering Forum, building monopoly and non-monopoly Internet Exchanges (giving me a deep understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly) will be a tremendous asset to the Membership. I also bring to the Board my experience as an executive which will help ground and support our role in creating successful interconnection offering across North America for our Membership.


  • Vast experience building Data Centers and Internet Exchanges
  • Executive leadership skills and familiarity with evangelising in public forums
  • Industry veteran who understands the value of free beer