Tuesday, 09 NOV 2017

Meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Date: 2017-11-09

Location: Gansevoort Hotel,  New York City

Start Time: 15:11 UTC


  • Matt Griswold, Director, Chair

  • Eli Scher, Director, Vice-Chair

  • Vinay Nagpal, Director

  • Rob DeVita, Director

  • Aaron Hughes, Director

  • Dave Temkin, Director, Treasurer

  • Aiste Buinauskaite, Executive Director (minute taker)

  • Mona Weisberg, Co-Chair Marketing Committee

  • Chris Grundemann, Chair BCOP Committee

  • Richard Wolfram, Open-IX legal counsel

  • Chris Phillips, Chair IX Group Committee

  • Sagi Brody, Chair Data Center Committee



  • Eric Ballard, Vice-Chair IX Group Committee (excused)

  • Carla Sanderson, Co-Chair Marketing Committee (excused)


Minutes of the meeting:

  1. The Chair called the meeting to order at 15:11 UTC

  2. Adoption of Meeting Minutes 2017-10-10

It was moved by Aaron Hughes, and seconded by Eli Scher, that:

“The Open-IX Board adopts the October 10th, 2017 Meeting Minutes, as written.”

The motion carried with no objections.

  1. Bylaws review. (Chair to lead)

    1. Quorum size for board meetings was discussed. A 51% suggestion was made by Aaron, in order to allow for a change in board size without the need to update the quorum section if the size of the board changed in the future. Currently that would be four (4) voting Directors present.

    2. Eli suggested MoU should be looked at and updated and modified.

    3. Aaron volunteered himself and Matt to go through bylaws and redline the changes for the organization to implement by board meeting in January.

    4. Aaron suggested that AGM should be discussed to determine how much value it adds for the members. Aaron suggested that we should survey the members. Matt stated that AGM is mandatory right now since it is written in the bylaws. Aaron advised that while the AGM was required, it did not need to be held in-person. Eli stated that he believes it is critical for the Board of Directors to get together in person, whether it's during AGM or not.

    5. Aaron discussed NomCom. He suggested the org should establish a minimum number of candidates (open seats +1) and have a NomCom that gets created each year with 60 day plan prior to elections. The Board of Directors discussed the nomination process and qualifications in more detail.

  2. Set AGM Date for 2018.

    1. The board selected 8 Nov, 2018 as the date for the next AGM.  

  3. Summit Ideas. (Led by Chair)

    1. Eli suggested we work on piggybacking different events such as Chinog, NYnog, etc., and try to spread the orgs resources into smaller chunks,  but more often.  He stated the org should be less event focused, but more exposure focused.

    2. Matt suggested Chinog is a good opportunity to attend and do a presentation. Eli and Matt agreed that the org would gain more value from conducting educational presentations at events, rather than focus on creating joint events. Sagi agreed that any events someone from the org can speak at would give the org a boost.

    3. The Board of Directors discussed and agreed to work on a slide deck that could be presented at speaking events.

    4. Aaron suggested to speaking to other similar, ‘On The Road’ style event holders.

    5. Sagi and Mona spoke up and said a calendar would be helpful of all the events the org members would attend.  Robert suggested that we make a schedule of who is attending the conference and then have someone from the org volunteer to wear the Open-IX hat.

    6. Aaron suggested that we should add budget for the Executive Director to attend events and schedule meetings with appropriate board and/or committee members.

    7. Discussion about participation for the organization at PTC.

  4. Review of the Strategic Plan and Objectives. (Led by Chair)

  5. Executive Session

  6. Meeting adjourned at 16:46 UTC