Monday, 10 AUG 2015

Monday, 10 AUG 2015

Board Attendees: B. Tishgart, Will Charnock, K. Mitchell, J. Snowhorn, D. Temkin

Other Attendees: G. Cole, H. Steenman, R. Wolfram

Shortened format due to travel conflicts, meeting adjourned at 11:15 EST


1. Social media proposal from imPR – Board agrees to a three month trial @ $950/month and will evaluate results prior to going forward

2. No new updates on Data Center or IXP certifications


a. Board agrees to a AGM budget of $10k for food, space, etc. Gabe to secure space.

b. Board agrees to a find a sponsor to off-set costs

4. OIX Volunteer committee abolished – Board approves motion to abolish volunteer committee