Friday, 10 JUL 2015

Friday, 10 JUL 2015

Attendees: Christian Koch (Board), Josh Snowhorn (Board), David Temkin (Board) Richard Wolfram (Lawyer) Will Charnock (Board), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing), Gabe Cole (DC) Chris Malayter (Treasurer)
Not Present: Henk Steenman (IX), Barry Tishgart (Board), Joseph Perez (Membership)

Commenced 2:00 PM EST

1. Old Business

  • Financials
  • May 2015 Financials Approved by Board
  • DC Committee/Certifications
  • Zayo Miami OIX-2 Approved by Board
  • IX
  • Not Present
  • LINX and AMS-IX Need to re-certify, Chris will reach out
  • Membership Committee
  • Not Present
  • Marketing Committee
  • Joint PR with Jaguar Networks, gained some additional reach
  • No Events lined up in next few months
  • UK Peering Forum on Sep 15th in Conjunction with UKNOF

2. New Business

  • AGM
  • Dave/CK to check on spaces for AGM
  • Last year was september 5th
  • 10/2 AGM this year
  • Will Charnock nominates Christian Koch as Chair of Nomination Committee. Board Approves.
  • Dave will send save the date
  • Vinay will look into AGM give-aways

Adjourned at 2:50 PM EST.