Monday, 10 NOV 2014

Monday, 10 NOV 2014

Attendees: Marty Hannigan, Barry Tishgart, Keith Mitchell, Donald Clarke

Committee Leads: Gabe Cole, Richard Wolfram

New Board Members: Will Charnock, Chris Malayter

Call to Order at 11:00AM ET

1. Finance Report:

  • Cash Balance: $102,780.
  • Still projecting an increase of balances by year end of about $20K independent of payables. Expecting a year-end cash balance pretty close to this or slightly above.
  • Need a new treasurer
  • Need to get started with budgeting for 2015
  • Started taxes; we will file by Nov 15.
  • We aren’t behind in any payables, we have no debt. We’re in good shape, but think we could do much more.
  • International is ready to go, but we need to revise MoU to address boundaries.

2. Data Center Report:

  • The following provides a link to a tracking table for OIX-2 applications in progress:
  • In summary, both Experis and PhoenixNAP are ready to go to public comment with the exception that they have not met some or all of the criteria required by the MOU.
  • As far as the other four go:
  • Datagryd has been reviewed by the committee and sent back for revision
  • Databank has been reviewed by the committee and sent back for revision
  • Zayo (2) we are awaiting applications.

3. Board elections

  • Due to the Chair and Vice Chair of OIX not present, as well as several new board members, elections are postponed to 11/24/14 @ 11:00am ET.
  • New board, please make every effort to attend this meeting.
  • Positions up for election include OIX Chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary.
  • Additionally we are seeking leads for several committees.

4. Misc

  • Discussion on actions for amending MOU to include International. Marty will take this on and report back next meeting.

Adjourned at 11:50AM ET