Tuesday, 10 OCT 2017

Meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Date: 2017-10-10

Location: Via conference bridge

Start Time: 17:01 UTC


  • Matt Griswold, Director, Chair

  • Eli Scher, Director, Vice-Chair

  • Vinay Nagpal, Director

  • Aaron Hughes, Director

  • Rob DeVita, Director

  • Aiste Buinauskaite, Executive Director (minute taker)

  • Mona Weisberg, Co-Chair Marketing Committee

  • Eric Ballard, Vice-Chair IX Group Committee

  • Chris Grundemann, Chair BCOP Committee

  • Carla Sanderson, Co-Chair Marketing Committee

  • Richard Wolfram, Open-IX legal counsel



  • Dave Temkin, Director, Treasurer (apology received)

  • Sagi Brody, Chair Data Center Committee (apology received)

  • Chris Phillips, Chair IX Group Committee (apology received)


Minutes of the meeting:

  1. The Chair called the meeting to order at 17:06 UTC

  2. Adoption of Meeting Minutes 2017-09-26

It was moved by Aaron Hughes, and seconded by Rob DeVita, that:

“The Open-IX Board adopts the September 26th, 2017 Meeting Minutes, as written.”

The motion carried with no objections.

  1. Committee Updates (led by the Vice-Chair)

    1. Marketing (led by Carla Sanderson and Mona )

      1. Upcoming PR review.

      2. Carla stated that Open-IX should have  digital badges for each certifications. Matt agreed.

      3. Mona updated that she contacted the hotel Gansevoort in New York and they offered the same exact price and product as last year for Open-IX annual general meeting.  Mona forwarded the proposal to the org.  Vinay asked Mona if she could make sure that projector and wifi are added to the proposal.

      4. Mona updated that Chinog call will be rescheduled later on this week.

      5. Richard asked if everyone is satisfied with the notice that is provided for members to make their plans for AGM. Rob stated that last year it was a shorter time frame and the attendance was good.

      6. Rob asked that once we get the changes made to the proposal if Matt will be able to sign it. Mona spoke up and said they will need a signature and a credit card to hold the space. Matt stated that only David has credit card info and Mona agreed to ask him.

      7. Robert stated that while we are waiting for the changes to the proposal, we should work on invitation and registration page setup. Robert stated that last year the org used Eventbrite and that was easy.

      8. Richard asked if someone is taking care of the agenda, and Robert said he will take care of it.

      9. Eli mentioned that the org needs to get election going. Eli stated that Aaron Hughes has been the person for the nominating committee. Aaron stated that yes him and Greg Hankins have been doing that; however Aaron being a board member that is now a conflict of interest.  Matt stated that he will talk to Greg and see if he can do it.

      10. Mona reminded to add our goals for next year on the agenda. Eli agreed that we should review our mission and goals at that time.

    2. IX (led by Matt Griswold)

      1. Matt updated that he was networking with people at NANOG trying to find a few folks to add to the committee.

  2. Open action items (led by the Chair)

    1. ANSI application process review (led by Richard)

    2. Richard Wolfram’s payment plan discussion for the ANSI application.

  3. Any other business. (led by the Chair)

    1. Mailing list - Matt stated that he does not think that the org should host their own mailing servers, therefore he looked into companies that did mailing lists; however the org will lose control of the  mail and backups. Matt said he will reach out to them and see if we can keep our own backups.

    2. Richard discussed his payment plan and fees proposal regarding ANSI with the board.

    3. Approve/discuss legal  budget (led by the Vice-Chair)

      1. Aaron suggested that the legal budget for ANSI certification would be $7,000.

      2. Adoption of Open-IX proposed legal budget for ANSI certification of $7,000.  

It was moved by Aaron Hughes, and seconded by Eli Scher, that:

“The Open-IX Board approves the Open-IX legal budget for ANSI certification of $7,000, as proposed.”

The motion carried with all in favor via roll call  vote.

  1. Meeting adjourned at 17:26 UTC