Monday, 13 OCT 2014

Monday, 13 OCT 2014

Attendees: Dave Temkin, Dan Golding, Marty Hannigan, Barry Tishgart, Donald Clark,
Christian Koch, Richard Wolfram, Gabe Cole

Call to Order at 11:00AM ET

1. Old Business:

  • Elections and AGM went well. Generally positive format, some learnings for next year

2. New Business

  • New Board (term starting 1/1/15) will be invited to Board meetings going forward
  • As discussed on the Sept 29, Board Mtg an alternative peering conference to GPF to be hosted by members of OIX may no longer be necessary as GPF has agreed to
  • Open up the conference to industry players in the data center and IXP space
  • Establishing a community-based program committee to coordinate agenda
  • The planned GPF is in an inconvenient location for many people but the organization has agreed to review site selection going forward
  • Discussion of Euro-IX potential plans to create competing standards – something to watch

3. Membership

  • Board approves new members
  • Renewals: 26 of 42 have renewed. Still working on a more automated process
  • Total membership of 171
  • New membership committee chair TBD

4. Certifications: Three pending

  • Interest from ZAYO
  • IXP group certification for AMS-IX in Bay Area, pending review from other committee members

5. Marketing

    • Proposal to establish an OIX Marketing Committee and appoint Vinay Nagpal as chair accepted by the Board. Vinay to attend next Board call to review charter.

Adjourned at 11:40AM ET