Monday, 18 MAY 2015

Monday, 18 MAY 2015

Attendees: Christian Koch (Board), Josh Snowhorn (Board), Henk Steenman (IX) Joseph Perez (Membership) David Temkin (Board) Richard Wolfram (Lawyer) Will Charnock (Board) Not Present: Keith (Board) Vinay (Marketing) Gabe (DC) Chris Malayter (Board) Barry Tishgart (Board)

Commenced 11:00AM EST

1. Old Business

  • AIS Financial Wrap Up – Follow up with Chris M who is not present
  • Bulk Certification Feedback
  • We Voted on this as a board. Each facility needs to be assessed, this is necessary. There is no reason to revisit. Pricing stands
  • CRM/Automation/Cert & Membership Management
  • Membership requirements filled out. Need to follow up with Vinay & Gabe and get next steps
  • Complaint Procedure for Certification Violations
  • Need to follow up with Gabe, on his work with committee Henk will also help from IX Committee PoV, and follow up with Gabe.

2. New Business

  • DC Committee Update
  • Datagryd (Peter Feldman) has met all of the requirements and passed public review, so the Subcommittee recommends that the board approve their OIX-2 Certification for 60 Hudson, NY. APPROVED
  • Jaguar Networks is complete except for payment as far as I know. If we have received payment, we also recommend that the board approve their OIX-2 Certification for Marseilles, FRANCE.
  • Follow Up Needed
  • I also want to pass on for discussion that EdgeConneX and 365 Data Centers continue to object to the cost for multi-facility certification. In the case of EdgeConneX, they are arguing that their facilities are all essentially the same and that other certifications (PCI, SOC) have been based on a type certification and have not involved individual evaluation of each of their facilities.
  • Digital Realty has added the missing FICS information to their website, so that issue is now closed.
  • IX Committee Update
  • LINX NoVA Renewal Up for Approval By Board. Approved
  • DE-CIX, AMS-IX Up for Renewal Approval – Chris M Needs to send paperwork
  • FL-IX – Still waiting for questionnaire
  • Marketing Committee Update
  • Megaport: will be expanding in to US Q3-Q4; interested in learning more about OIX-2, will potentially look into certification.
  • Telecity: support the OIX initiative; keen on moving ahead with certifying Telecity Amsterdam data center for OIX-2 certification. AMS-IX Amsterdam that is hosted in this facility has already received OIX-1 certification.
  • MEF: Offered OIX a half-day event during their Dallas GEN14 event Nov 16-19. Follow-up meeting with Kevin (their COO) to discuss if OIX could leverage their back-office tools (Salesforce, WIki). – Need clarification from vinay
  • GCCIX: sub-sea cable system based out of Bahrain; also have colo space and an IX. Interested in OIX-1 certification for their IX.
  • NextDC: aggressive data center expansion plans in AsiaPac; currently expanding in Australia. Some interest in OIX-2.
  • Membership Committee Update
  • NANOG – Wednesday Afternoon Break – No support/attendance from membership committee. Will Charnock, Christian Koch at Table and Vinay if he agrees
  • Membership Approvals: All new members approved

3. Other

  • Valerie – What’s her status? Is she helping or not?

Adjourned at 11:30 AM EST.