Tuesday, 19 APR 2016

Tuesday, 19 APR 2016

Attendees: Will Charnock (Chairman), Christian Koch (Vice Chairman), Greg Hankins (Treasurer), Vinay Nagpal (Director), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Secretary), Eli Sher (DC), Matt Griswold (IXP), Joseph Perez (Membership)

Not present: Chris Malayter (Director), Josh Snowhorn (Director), Dave Temkin (Director), Rob DeVita (Marketing)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 11:10 AM EDT

1. Executive Director Update

  • MMS implementation is proceeding, looks like sometime in June for release.
  • Expect final AIS/AGM budget for next meeting

2. Chairman Update

  • Consider going back to biweekly meetings to recapture momentum. Will will send out an email inquiry

3. Treasurer Update

  • Q1 Financials approved
  • D&O insurance renewed
  • Need input from ED and Marketing committee to complete budget

4. Old Business

  • Bylaw Modifications – Will will get language to board to review as soon as he gets the word formatted doc
  • AIS/AGM Location update, Schedule/Program Committee Work proceeding here

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • None
  • DC Committee
  • Discussed modifications to standard, Eli to have further discussion at next meeting
  • Marketing Committee
  • Discussed need for action on AIS/AGM and budget. Vinay will reach out to Rob
  • Need historic and original content contributions from board and others
  • Membership Committee
  • Discussed renewal process and agreed to get a mailing list up to reach out to expired members ahead of SilkStart.
  • General Committee Updates
  • None

6. New Business

  • None

Adjourned at 11:56 AM EDT.