Monday, 20 JAN 2014

Monday, 20 JAN 2014

Attendees: Dave Temkin*, Marty Hannigan*, Barry Tishgart*, Paul Anderson*, Dan Golding*, Gabe Cole, Richard Wolfram

Meeting called to order at 8:40 HST

1. Admin

  • Previous meeting minutes approved
  • Vote called to approve 12 new members, registered and paid since last meeting. New members approved – Welcome

2. Treasurer update

  • Assets (cash) $37,108.45; Liabilities ($1,875.00); Receivables $15,000
  • Net $50,233.45
  • 501c6 IRS filing by NANOG Hired Rucci, Bardaro & Falzone PC. Estimated one time cost $900
  • Bookeeping Hired Mark Paquin, CPA, to organize and maintain books estimated annual cost is $2500

3. PR update

  • Ilissa Miller from iMPR provided an update in-person
  • Discussion of drawing the line on webinars and other marketing on behalf of applicants. Okay to do webinars marketing to potential OIX members and applicants. We should not be providing “marketing support” to individual companies beyond the scope of OIX’s mission.
  • In press releases try to neutralize the message “We are excited to be working with company XYZ” – focus on neutrality message
  • iMPR to help craft OIX PR policy
  • Discussion to engage iMPR on permanent basis

4. Legal Update

  • Attorney Client Privileged

5. Discussion

  • OIX Board members participating in committees. As a rule, OIX Board members should not be voting member of any board appointed committee; however, OIX board members may “liaise” with the committees to provide support and guidance.

6. Committee Update

  • Data Center – Gabe
  • Cyrus One – committee recommends approval of six sites Austin, TX, Carrolton, TX, Downtown Cincinnati, N Cincinnati Houston West, Phoenix. Board Approved. Congratulations Cyrus One. Gabe to announce to list.
  • Comments from the board that process is working well
  • DuPont Fabros out for public comment
  • Request to add two members to data center committee. Names will be suggested and approved at next Board meeting

7. Certification

  • Checklist to cover certification process developed by Marty and shared with the Board. Helpful document. Approved.

8. OIX Annual Meeting

  • Preference to use NANOG as a venue but will have a formal proposal at next board meeting. Dan and Dave to develop proposal.


  • Mentions in peering and data center track
    • Try to organize a members-only meeting at NANOG meant as an update with light food and beverages – Dan and Dave to determine

*Board Member