Monday, 21 JUL 2014

Monday, 21 JUL 2014

Attendees: Keith Mitchell, Donald Clarke, Barry Tishgart, Dan Golding, Marty Hannigan, Christian Koch, Gabe Cole

1. Update on elections

  • Board members standing for re-election: Dave Temkin, Barry Tishgart, Keith Mitchell
  • Board members not standing for re-election: Donald Clarke, Marty Hannigan, Dan Golding
  • Nominating Committee chair: Dan Golding – will report back in two weeks, establishing guiding principles and a slate
  • Expectation is that OIX members will have four votes and the top four candidates receiving votes are elected
  • Using the TorIX interface for voting

2. By-laws changes being prepared for member vote

  • Keep three board members for continuity
  • Seat 4 new directors, elected in September and for a term starting 1/1/15
  • Address gap between elections and start date of new board
  • Fix nominations timeline
  • Expecting bylaws rewrite Wednesday and will distribute to membership

3. Finance update

  • Cash balance of $110k
  • OIX will post the monthly P&L statement which is now being prepared by our accountants

4. Membership updates

  • Three new members approved

5. Certification

  • Omaha IX and PHX IX in the queue