Tuesday, 22 DEC 2015

Tuesday, 22 DEC 2015

Attendees: Dave Temkin (Board/Chair), Will Charnock (Vice Chairman), Christian Koch (Secretary), Barry Tishgart (Director), Josh Snowhorn (Director), Keith Mitchell (Director), Gabe Cole (Executive Director), Richard Wolfram (Attorney), Greg Hankins (Future Board), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing/Future Board),

Not present: Chris Malayter (Treasurer), Joseph Perez (Membership), Hank Steenman (IXP)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 10:05 AM EST

1. Executive Director Update

  • No Significant Updates at This Time

2. Chairman Update

  • Board Composition in 2016
  • Dave will be stepping down as Chair (served previous 2 years)
  • Election of Officers at January 7th Meeting

3. Treasurer Update

  • Not present

4. Old Business

  • AiS: Leave for new board to take up first thing in 2016

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • Not present
  • DC Committee
  • No updates
  • Marketing Committee
  • N/A
  • Membership Committee
  • New Members Approved: Andrew Thompson, Doub Corbett, Phi Do, Steven Smith, Mona Weisberg, Will van Gulik
  • General Committee Updates
  • N/A

6. New Business

  • N/S

Adjourned at 10:25 AM EST.