Monday, 23 FEB 2015

Monday, 23 FEB 2015 – Conference Call

Attendees: Board Members Christian Koch, Will Charnock, Keith Mitchell, Chris Malayter, Barry Tishgart

Board Observers Henk Steenman (IX Committee), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing Committee), Gabe Cole (DC Committee), Richard Wolfram (Counsel), Martin Hannigan (Program Committee)

Commenced 11:00PM EST

1. Old Business

  • Nothing to report

2. New Business

  • Board needs to review and respond to IMPR proposal

3. Certifications

  • No DC Certifications up for vote
  • DC Updates: Zayo Miami, ending answers to additional questions
  • Datagrid review now complete, and ready for public comment
  • No further info received from Databank or Experis
  • Gabe to have conference call with 365 Main to discuss certification
  • Edgeconnex has expressed interest in additional facility certifications, they also have raised the question of cost, if certifying a large number of facilities.
  • Phoenixnap has MOU compliance issues, Marty reached out, needs to follow up again
  • Cross connect pricing disappeared from Digital Realty Open-IX splash page, Gabe reached out and digital has noted it was an error and are fixing immediately
  • QTS has no advisory committee listed on their Open-IX splash page, Gabe has reached out, and our Open-IX contact is no longer employed at QTS, so he is trying to find a new contact.

4. Membership

  • 3 New Members Approved

5. Marketing Committee

6. AIS

  • AIS Feedback; Last week on thursday IMPR eblast sent to 5000+ contacts
  • Press release issued tues February 17th
  • IMPR Report coming this week
    • CFP issued, resending for interest, 2 proposals so far
    • Attendees / Recruiting: How are we screening attendees? We need more visibility into who is applying/registering/rejected
    • Certain activities are completed or are underway, aaron and lisa are running with it
      We will provide free hotel room, and cover airfare for JFG, and she will work as volunteer at conference
    • We need requirements for banners/signage and need budget for marketing committee for AIS and for the year, ASAP
    • Martin sent a draft budget in Nov 2014, Martin and Chris M need to sync and we need a budget ASAP

7. IX Committee Updates

  • DE-CIX NYC Certification out for comments, period closing soon
  • AMS-IX Bay Area Certification – Vote, All in Favor
  • AMS-IX Amsterdam Certification – Out for Comments, period closing soon

Adjourned at 11:40AM ET