Monday, 23 MAR 2015

Monday, 23 MAR 2015

Attendees: Christian Koch (Board) Josh Snowhorn (Board) Chris Malayter (Board) Will Charnock (Board) Gabe Cole (DC Committee) Henk Steenman (IX Committee) Vinay Negpal (Marketing) Dave Temkin (Board) Keith Mitchell (Board)
Not Present: Barry Tishgart (Board)

Commenced 11:00AM EST

1. Old Business

  • 2015 Budget: Chris/Gabe will work on bulk certification revenue
  • ISOC Collaboration, Possible Standard for Developing Region IXP’s, In general not a bad idea (Will). Must not Cannibalize the existing standard, to launch a suboptimal IX, need to understand international laws, burden on certification teams. Don’t think we can make a 2nd standard for developing countries, a lesser standard that can be applied in general, for everyone. Most requirements are probably not a problem for developing countries.
  • Certification Compliance: Digital Realty Compliance – still need cross connect pricing, government requests, advisory board
  • QTS Compliance – complete, Max Clauson, XO need to verify company, need to discuss how members/orgs/individuals can report non-compliant data centers
  • Agree, should be to members@ only, this is how it was intended.
  • Certification Renewals: AMS_IX, LINX, CyrusOne and Digital Realty – Notifications/Renewal MOU’s sent. QTS Up next

2. New Business

  • Certifications
  • Certification Public Comment Period – Public/Members Only
  • DC Committee Update
  • 1 Certification our for public comment, datagrid
  • 1 reviewed for sabey, sent back with comment
  • Strong sentiment on committee call to consider price reduction for renewals
  • Gabe/Chris will look at mode
  • IX Committee Update
  • FL-IX, United IX out for public comments
  • JPNAP Meeting @ AIS
  • DC Marketing Committee Update
  • IMPR proposal on printed collateral
  • 18 plaques to give out, 3 for oix1, 15 for oix2
  • CapRate – Vinay will be there, Josh may/can be there
  • Will may be able to have some time @ ITW
  • AMS-IX would like to do join press release on first international
  • DC Membership Committee Update
  • 18 Sign-ups at AIS. All Approved
  • AIS Update
  • no new sponsors
  • over 130+ attendees
  • full agenda
  • yes, there is a conference tshirt
  • new open ix t-shirts

Adjourned at 11:00 AM EST.