Monday, 23 NOV 2015

Monday, 23 NOV 2015

Attendees: Will Charnock (Vice Chairman), Christian Koch (Secretary), Chris Malayter (Treasurer), Josh Snowhorn (Director), Keith Mitchell (Director),Gabe Cole (Executive Director), Richard Wolfram (Attorney), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing/Future Board), Joseph Perez (Membership), Hank Steenman (IXP), Gren Hankins (Future Board)

Not present: Dave Temkin (Board/Chair), Barry Tishgart (Director)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 11:05 AM EST

1. Executive Director Update

  • Last Meeting’s members approved by electronic vote

2. Treasurer Update

  • Question about receivables. Have not received payment for DuPont Fabros. AMS-IX Owes $25,000 for AIS, we Still have not received payment. Henk will follow up

3. Old Business

  • N/A

4. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • Approved the following IXP Certifications
  • Milan Internet Exchange (MIX-IT)
  • AMS-IX Chicago
  • AMS-IX Hong Kong
  • DC Committee
  • Approved the following DC Certifications
  • Phoenix NAP Data Center
  • Dupont Fabros Chicago (CH2)
  • Marketing Committee
  • AFCOM, NY, Dec 10, 2015: OIX speaking topic: “Facility Juggling: Managing LB, Edge Locations & Networks”. Gabe to represent OIX
  • PTC, Hawaii, Jan 17-20, 2016: Gabe to attend along with Josh and Will. eBlast underway.
  • AFCOM Data Center World, Las Vegas, March 14-17, 2016“OIX: Improving the Internet through Industry Standards and Cohesion.” Vinay to represent OIX
  • APRICOT Speaking Opportunity, New Zealand, February 15-26, 2016 Greg Hankins to attend and will be able to represent OIX
  • Working with JFG on complaints process. Template developed, but more work is needed before we can have a functional prototype
  • Membership Committee
  • New Members Approved: 
    Jake Iskhakov, Giglinx Global, Director of Business Development
    Mike Segal, Q9 Networks, VP Global Business Development

5. New Business

  • AIS Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Potentially Host AIS after DCD

Adjourned at 11:30 AM EST.