Monday, 24 NOV 2014

Monday, 24 NOV 2014

Board: Martin Hannigan, Barry Tishgart, Donald Clarke, Keith Mitchell, Dave Temkin, Dan Golding
New Board: Josh Snowhorn, Chris Malayter, Christian Koch, Will Charnock, Richard Wolfram, Gabe Cole, Vinay Nagpal

Commenced 11:00PM ET

1. Elections of 2015 Board:

  • Chair: Dave Temkin
  • Vice Chair: Will Charnock (replacing Dan Golding)
  • Treasurer: Chris Malayter (replacing Marty Hannigan)
  • Secretary: Christian Koch (replacing Barry Tishgart)

2. General Discussion

  • Removing “MSA” from the standard in favor of “geographic service region” – APPROVED
  • “IXP application fee is $5,000 per market in which Applicant has an IXP to be certified. Geographic Service Region is defined as reasonably associated with a metropolitan or general service area. Each service area should have a separate application, but, in coordination with Open IX, payment by a single wire may be sent combining fees for all applications. Example: If you are applying for Certification for IXPs in the Washington, DC, London and Johannesburg areas the application fee would be $5,000 * 3 = $15,000.00”

3. Financial

  • 2015 Budgeted submitted for review – New board, please review the budget email from Marty, ask and resolve any questions.
  • 2015 Budget will be approved w/any revisions at the next board meeting.

4. Membership

  • New members approved

5. GPF update

  • GPF now open to broader community attendance
  • Josh to chair program committee

6. Marketing

  • Website enhancements, improved event process

7. Discussion on speaking with industry and equity analysts.

  • Discussion on speaking with industry and equity analysts. Board agrees that this is strictly prohibited.
  • If there is a case where such a discussion may make sense, a proposal should be made to the Board and voted upon.
  • It is suggested that at least two board members be present for that conversation

Next board meeting (and likely the last in 2014) is 12/8/14 at 11:00ET.