Monday, 25 JAN 2016

Monday, 25 JAN 2016

Attendees: Will Charnock (Chairman), Christian Koch (Vice Chairman), Greg Hankins (Treasurer), Chris Malayter (Director), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Secretary), Richard Wolfram (Attorney), Eli Scher (DC), Joseph Perez (Membership)

Not present: Vinay Nagpal (Marketing/Director), Josh Snowhorn (Director),  Dave Temkin (Director), Hank Steenman (IXP)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 11:11 AM EST

1. Executive Director Update

  • Review interest from PTC – Multiple DCs and Exchanges
  • Some push back on Exchange pricing from large, multi-site exchanges
  • CK and GC to develop recommendation for AIS before next meeting

2. Chairman Update

  • NANOG meeting set for February 9, 11-12:30

3. Treasurer Update

  • Motion to select basic compilation financial statement for 2015 made and approved
  • October and November are going out for review
  • Mark Paquin working on 2015 taxes
  • Insurance expires in March and April, renewal underway D&O; CGL
  • How do we handle finances going forward – paying a lot of money for things that we can do ourselves – Marketing, Legal, Graphic Design, Accounting
  • Evaluating replacement to QB, including integration with membership management
  • Consider change on financial to Mark Paquin doing quarterly and we will do monthly internally – Greg to quantify and communicate with membership
  • Discuss vendors at NANOG meeting
  • Need to change web host – currently Dreamhost, poor IPv6

4. Old Business

  • None

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • None
  • DC Committee
  • Webair about to go out for public comment
  • Internap submission for two data centers under review
  • Marketing Committee
  • None
  • Membership Committee
  • No new members
  • Need systemic tracking – management, allow for multiple renewals – GGC to follow-up
  • General Committee Updates
  • None

6. New Business

  • None

Adjourned at 12:02 PM EST.