Monday, 26 AUG 2013

Tuesday, 26 AUG 2013 - conference call

1. Misc.

  • Minor Bylaws changes following NYC meeting, will be forwarded to attorney for approval this week. Marty to let Board know when final and approved.
  • Website expected by September 1, pending any updates from Paul. Need to review a draft ASAP. (see action item #1 on OIX talking points)

2. Financial Status:

  • Committed funds of $51,000; Outstanding/Paid expenses of approximately $48,000; Leaving $2-3k available
  • Trying to process Comcast and Google contributions
  • Trying to move bank accounts from attorney-managed to Open-IX managed, will have at least two signatories on the account
  • Need to appoint a treasurer
  • Discussion around more contributions versus expediting a member model
  • Agreed to solicit additional donations immediately to cover expected Legal and other expenses. Recommended per company donation of $5k
  • Discussion around voting process (covered in bylaws) and need for meeting minutes

3. Insurance:

  • Dan filled out application, one lawyer approves bylaws, application will be sent, likely next week (see action item #2)

4. Revenue/Fees

  • Discussion around fees $5k initial certification and $1k annual recertification, same for data centers (per center) and IXP (per market)
  • IXP certification is PER MARKET
  • Data center certification is PER DATA CENTER, not per company so a company certifying five centers in a market pays 5x the fee
  • Dan will update financial model based on these expectations
  • Dave will have 501C paper-work out by Friday

5. Discussion Items - New and Old Business

  • Volunteers for standards committees
  • Would like someone from IXP world to chair data center committee and vice versa
  • Dave to send out an invite to join committees the NANOG list and a survey money to the Board to select/appoint chair
  • Will try to have chairs decided on this week and full committees established next week
  • Interconnect
  • Prefer a holistic solution to encourage both private and public interconnection in diverse facilities for better resiliency, lower cost
  • Discussion around several proposals - NRC-based to the IXP, Maximums, Quality
  • Dan to write up a proposal and share with the Board (see action item #4)
  • Sept 3 date for provisional standard and application process probably will not be made (see action item #3)
  • Figure out what to do on the 9/3, assuming bylaws are approved, insurance in place, legal in place.
  • Perhaps some press and website launch
  • Perhaps deadline to declare intent.
  • How to handle Press
  • Know who is inquiring and be on the same page as a Board. Have 2-3 spokespeople who are trained in media relations
  • Agreed upon talking points are important (see action item #1)
  • Agreed to try to expedite to get ahead of the story
  • Do not directly answer inquiries from industry or wall-street analysts. They can get information from the website.
  • Board meeting at NANOG
  • Dave to propose times for Board. Public meeting to take place at peering BOF, no need for a separate public meeting

6. Action Items/Next Steps:

  • Need talking points drafted which will be the basis for Press inquiries and the website. (Paul, Marty and All - somewhat pending resolution of action item #4)
  • Need to complete the bylaws and insurance to officially form OIX (Marty, Dan and Dave)
  • Need to plan for a "public launch" in or around Sept 3.
  • Dan to develop a proposal on the Interconnect Issue and will share with the Board
  • Dan to revise the financial model