Monday, 26 JAN 2015

Monday, 26 JAN 2015 – Conference Call

Attendees: Board Members Christian Koch, Josh Snowhorn, Will Charnock, Keith Mitchell, Chris Malayter, Barry Tishgart, Dave Temkin

Board Observers Vinay Nagpal (Marketing Committee), Gabe Cole (DC Committee), Richard Wolfram (Counsel)

Commenced 11:00PM EST

1. Old Business

  • Will/Dave: Conflict of interest discussion, we need to come up with a way to represent our affiliations on our website, no members or public responded to email with any objections to proposed idea.

2. New Business

  • PTC Recap
  • Gabe: Meetings went very well, Zayo, Lightower, want to be more involved, interested in peering forum.
  • Global switch and Towngas, NextDC for international interest.
  • Reception was very good. Media Interviews (Capacity Magazine & TeleGeography) Equinix
  • Most didn’t think good idea to unilaterally post images of email before consulting board.
  • Dave & Steve are going to meet regarding other business, and will also spend some time to discuss Open-IX.
  • Barry suggest to split meeting and have meeting with another member present.
  • AIS Updates
  • PTC conversations with Digital, Dupont, AMS-IX, EdgeConnex, Netflix, Telx, IIX regarding sponsorships.

3. Certifications

  • Completed process and recommend certification of Zayo facility Atlanta, Georgia, out for comments
  • Board Vote to grant certification for Zayo Atlanta Facility – All in favor
  • Zayo Miami facility still workking through documentation, few others that need to be addressed

4. Membership

5. Marketing Committee Update

  • New Members Approved – 13
    • Membership Chair – Christian will send out note one more time to committee to guage any internal interest in taking over, then send out another call for volunteers to the community, looking for a chair.
    • Dave: what’s driving all the new members and subscriptions to public list? All: AIS Registrations, recommendations and promoting the org from other members
    • Enhancements to membership page added, search & sort capability
    • AIS – added to main level of website
    • Marty provided PC committee members, and has been added to website
    • Media & PR – 1 last week announcing Keith speaking engagement at UKNOF
    • datacenterdynamics march – Gabe will be speaking
    • Barry: Do we want to do anything with NANOG? Dave: We will be sponsoring, and will receive a small table. Dave to find out more
    • Any interest in Apricot slot? Dave will look into possibility of Open-IX slot at Apricot in March