Monday, 26 OCT 2015

Monday, 26 OCT 2015

Attendees: Will Charnock (Board), Chris Malayter (Treasurer), Dave Temkin (Board/Chair), Barry Tishgart (Board), Richard Wolfram (Attorney), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing/Future Board), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Data Center), Joseph Perez (Membership)

Not present: Josh Snowhorn (Board), Christian Koch (Board), Keith Mitchell (Board), Hank Steenman (IXP)

Commenced 11:00 AM EST

1. Old Business

  • None

2. New Business

  • Discussed legal representation for corporate/compliance

3. Committee Updates

  • IXP
  • MA-IX Approved
  • Datacenter
  • Databank OIX-2 approved
  • DC Subcommittee leadership – Eli approved
  • Marketing
  • Press Release DCD
  • Avoid eblasts for smaller events/releases
  • Beginning to evaluate alternate PR format
  • Discussed new head of PR committee
  • Membership
  • New Members Approved by Board: Yuliy Nushev, Sofia Connect
  • Finance
  • Financial reports should be updated in ~2 weeks
  • Cash position good

4. AGM / AIS

  • Potential to host AIS after June NANOG
  • Waiting for additional information from NANOG
  • Evaluate bylaws for AIS/Election coordination