Monday, 7 MAR 2016

Monday, 7 MAR 2016

Attendees: Christian Koch (Vice Chairman), Greg Hankins (Treasurer), Chris Malayter (Director), Vinay Nagpal (Director), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Secretary), Richard Wolfram (Attorney), Matt Griswold (IXP), Joseph Perez (Membership), Rob DeVita (Marketing)

Not present: Will Charnock (Chairman), Josh Snowhorn (Director),  Dave Temkin (Director), Eli Sher (DC)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 11:05 AM EST

1. Executive Director Update

  • Membership management platform
  • No new certifications
  • Note who did not pay bills?
  • Give 30 day warning to drop from website, send a formal note in writing
  • Send reminder when due and then formal notice after 30 days

2. Chairman Update

  • None

3. Treasurer Update

  • Working on 2016 budget for next week
  • Updated finance policy approved by board
  • Approve accountant expense for quarterly reporting and 2016 taxes, $2,500
  • Recertification and unpaid aging invoices

4. Old Business

  • Finance policy: accepted and will be posted
  • Bylaw modifications: discuss next week
  • AIS/AGM Location update, schedule/program committee
    • Downtown Phoenix is better
    • Rekindle program committee
    • Resources on marketing that want to work on it including Lisa
    • Set up a call with everyone that wants to get involved
    • 1½ day for AIS, ½ day for AGM

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • Get application pack together
  • Standardize on Google Docs
  • Have Treasurer or ED countersign MOU?
  • DC Committee
  • Internap in process
  • Discuss changes survey after next week
  • Marketing Committee
  • People that want to work on AIS/AGM
  • Divided into subcommittees Website, PR, Collateral, Events
  • Items to review and comment at board meeting
  • Membership Committee
  • First official meeting tomorrow
  • Have established subgroups
  • Samuel Triolet, LyonIX, Gabe and Matt to reach out about IXP Committee
  • General Committee Updates
  • None

6. New Business

  • None

Adjourned at 11:48 AM EST.