Tuesday, 28 JUN 2016

Tuesday, 28 JUN 2016

Attendees: Christian Koch (Vice Chairman), Greg Hankins (Treasurer), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Secretary), Chris Malayter (Director)Vinay Nagpal (Director), Josh Snowhorn (Director), Dave Temkin (Director) (partial), Rob DeVita (Marketing), Joseph Perez (Membership), Eli Sher (DC), Richard Wolfram (Legal)

Not present: Will Charnock (Chairman), Matt Griswold (IXP)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Not Available

Commenced 11:05 AM EDT

Richard Wolfram gave a presentation on guidelines for separating day job decision making and presentation from Open-IX.

1. Executive Director Update

  • SilkStart - Basically completed and ready for Soft Start. Need to followup on Directory and automating forms. Will require more custom work. Process has been OK and has taken much more of our effort than expected. Still have not solved the map issue.
  • OIS - Will turn efforts to that once SilkStart is done.

2. Chairman Update

  • None.

3. Treasurer Update

  • None.

4. Old Business

  • None.

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
    • None.
  • DC Committee
    • Still waiting for splash page for GPX.
    • EdgeConneX Portland in process.
    • Continuing to discuss standard changes and need for transparency on exceptions.
    • Would like to include process flow in SilkStart
    • Committee recommends eliminating the Advisory Board requirement
  • Marketing Committee
    • Waiting for CVent site to be finalized.
    • Need comments on contract with IMiller PR, will get to Will.
    • Reviewed survey results.
    • Need to reach out to previous sponsors, Leslie from EdgeConnex has list of contacts.
    • Will investigate why the wrong picture was used on mailer for OIS
  • Membership Committee
    • Mitchell Cohen, TR Manufacturing, Herman Arcidiacono, IPLAN, and Tony Pompliano, ANEXIO approved for membership.
    • Awaiting feedback on membership structure from board.
  • General Committee Updates
    • None

6. New Business

  • None.

Board went into Executive Session for purpose of discussing process to replace Executive Director.

Adjourned at 11:40 AM EDT.