Tuesday, 29 AUG 2017

Meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Date: 2017-08-29

Location: Via conference bridge

Start Time: 17:03 UTC


  • Matt Griswold, Director, Chair

  • Dave Temkin, Director, Treasurer

  • Aaron Hughes, Director

  • Rob DeVita, Director

  • Vinay Nagpal, Director

  • Aiste Buinauskaite, Executive Director (minute taker)

  • Richard Wolfram, Open-IX legal counsel



  • Eli Scher, Director, Vice-Chair (apology received)

  • Chris Phillips, Chair IX Group Committee (apology received)

  • Sagi Brody, Chair Data Center Committee (apology received)

  • Chris Grundemann, Chair BCOP Committee (apology received)

  • Mona Weisberg, Co-Chair Marketing Committee (apology received)

  • Carla Sanderson, Co-Chair Marketing Committee (apology received)

  • Eric Ballard, Vice-Chair IX Group Committee (apology received)


Minutes of the meeting:

  1. The Chair called the meeting to order at 17:02 UTC

  2. Adoption of Meeting Minutes 2017-08-15

It was moved by Aaron Hughes, and seconded by Rob DeVita, that:

“The Open-IX Board adopts the August 15th, 2017 Meeting Minutes, as written.”

The motion carried with no objections.

  1. Open action items (led by the Chair)

    1. Aaron Hughes asked for acknowledgement from board members regarding proposed message to Open IX members on intent to work with ANSI.

    2. Richard brought up that since this message will go to general membership, and the compliance with ANSI  will aid at getting competitive advantage, therefore the process should confidential. Robert DeVita spoke up and stated that this would assume that members of Open IX are not members of any other industry standards organization, therefore there is not a way to guarantee confidentiality.

    3. Richard stated that perhaps we could get assurance from members that they would keep this fact confidential in order to keep this information of getting to competitors.

    4. David Temkin stated there is no good way to put ramifications or hold anyone accountable for this and Robert Devita agreed.

    5. Richard then suggested that we include the language “confidentiality is very important to us, and that we appreciate and expect your confidentiality as members of association”.

    6. Aaron asked the board members of the call if they are okay with sending the ANSI message out to membership without asking for confidentiality. Matt spoke up and said he will continue this discussion with board members via email.

  2. Any other business. (led by the Chair)

    1. Matt thinks that OIX-2 complaint cannot be addressed without breaking the complainant's confidentiality, and that perhaps a system for complaints needs to be looked at. David stated that there is not a great complaint process, and therefore there is little we can do to address this complaint while the complainant remains confidential.  David stated that more detail would be necessary than what the complainant can provide confidentiality to have any proper outcome from this.  Dave suggested to ask for all available information regarding the complaint, or otherwise not to pursue it.

    2. Matt agreed with David. Robert Devita spoke up and suggested that the Data Center Committee and IX Committee should work together to come up with a formal complaint process. Matt agreed this was a great idea.

    3. Matt asked Robert DeVita to share last year’s general meeting documentation.

  3. Meeting adjourned at 17:18 UTC