Monday, 29 SEPT 2014

Monday, 29 SEPT 2014

Attendees: Dave Temkin, Dan Golding, Barry Tishgart, Keith Mitchell; Counsel, Richard Wolfram

Call to Order at 11:00AM ET

1. Membership updates

  • New members approved by the board

2. Finance Update

  • Nothing new since distribution of financial reports at AGM

3. Data Center Committee

  • No new certifications pending, next round of approvals expected in early October

4. OIX Peering Conference Involvement

  • OIX Board supports the evolution of peering conferences to be more inclusive to all relevant constituents in the North American ecosystem.
  • Board voted to accept responsibility for coordinating a North American peering conference. OIX role would be overseeing the Program and participation guidelines.

5. Transition to New Board

  • Board seeks to hold in-person joint meeting of newly elected and existing board at NANOG. Dave to confirm day/time with everyone.
  • New Board will hold elections in a timely manner for positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to allow for seamless transition from those currently holding these position

6. Board discussed NAIX and in general

  • the OIX Board is interested in understanding their mission and structure and how we can work together.

Adjourned at 11:40AM ET