Friday, 31 JUL 2015

Friday, 31 JUL 2015

Attendees: Josh Snowhorn (Board), Barry Tishgart (Board), Keith Mitchell (Board) Richard Wolfram (Lawyer) Will Charnock (Board), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing), Gabe Cole (DC) Chris Malayter (Treasurer), Joeseph Perez (Membership)

Commenced 11:00 AM EST

1. Old Business

  • Data Center recertification – need to clean-up the list and follow-up with those who have not paid to determine if they are rectifying
  • Board approved recertification for Continuum
  • Discussion of improving the recertification process w/defined steps and better communication
  • Gabe agreed to take this on w/help from Josh and Vinay
  • All agreed to help improve this area

2. New Business

  • New members provided by Joe are approved
  • Board approves recertification of six Cyrus One sites
  • Vinay raised the idea of extending the recertification term to three years rather than the current one
  • Marketing Update
    • Oppenheimer Event in Boston, Aug 11: opportunity for a board member to attend, Gabe not available
    • Zcolo joint release next week
    • AGM meeting details email to go out once location is finalized
    • Volunteer Committee
    • Might not be necessary, do we want to eliminate?
    • Will to inform Val and this will be voted on at the next meeting
    • Other items
    • AIS: Are we having one, when, format? Discussion for next OIX Board meeting
    • AGM: Still working on options, ED will handle organizing the meeting
    • Kick-off for Gabe Cole, ED
    • Priorities: AGM
    • Work-flows and processes for membership certification and recertification
    • Report format to show progress
    • Other Suggestions
    • Making certifications more relevant, Increase the value of certification
    • Outreach to IXPs

Adjourned at 11:50 AM EST.