Monday, 31 MAR 2014

Monday, 31 MAR 2014 – Conference Call

Attendees: Dave Temkin, Dan Golding, Barry Tishgart, Marty Hannigan, Paul Andersen, Keith Mitchell, Richard Wolfram, Gabe Cole, Valerie Wittkop

Call to Order and approved 3-17-14 meeting minutes

1. Updates

  • PR
  • Board voted to approve PR support relationship with imPR
  • Finance Report
  • Cash: $72,957.58
  • Receivables: $15,578
  • Liabilities: $10,000
  • Net: $88,535.28
  • Discussion on bylaws regarding refund of membership fees. Board confirms that bylaws acceptably handle cases where applications are withdrawn or denied.
  • Membership
  • 13 new members confirmed bringing the total OIX membership to 125.
  • Volunteer
  • Volunteer Coordination – In her new role, Valerie Wittkop is helping to ensure that OIX committees are adequately staffed with the right, committed individuals.
  • Legal
  • attorney client privileged
  • Data Center Committee
  • Digital’s four applications reviewed and ready for approval
  • Evoswtich reviewed and ready for public comment
  • Continuum in review
  • Some issues with Edgeconnex and Vantage – companies need to resolve
  • Recently received QTS application
  • Board confirms that the Advisory Board requirement stands until modified

New Business

  • Board votes to certify Digital Realty in LA, SF, NY and Dallas. Board tables votes on Evoswtich and Continuum until next meeting
  • Discussion regarding GPF evolution and OIX annual meetings. Due to time constraints this discussion will be held on a separate board meeting to be held April 4 at 4pm ET.