Monday, 6 JAN 2014

Monday, 6 JAN 2014

Attendees: Barry Tishgart*, Donald Clark*, Keith Mitchell*, Gabe Cole, Dan Golding*, Dave Temkin*, Marty Hannigan*, Richard Wolfram, Hank Steenman

1. Called to order at 11:05AM, prior board minutes accepted

2. Discussion of Board Protocol – Donald Clark

  • Protocol vs. Getting things done quickly
  • More OIX value, the more people are involved in decisions
  • Fixes – regular board meetings, certification processes and approval established

Finance/Treasurer Update

  • Balance: $7,264.25; Payables: $2750.00; Receivables: $35,000.00
  • Total: $39,514.25 (Does not include membership revenues for the past 60 days)

4. Certification Updates and Status

  • LINX – MOUs submitted and paid; IXP committed reviewed and approved. All requirements met; Motion to accept LINX application submitted; Board voted and approved LINX certification, 6-0.
  • In queue for review and approval
  • i. DuPont Fabros – public comments week of 1/13
  • ii. Cyrus One – public comments week of 1/13
  • Process reminder that applications will be reviewed in the public space and information contained in the applications should be considered non-confidential. Committees and Board will review the confidentiality issue with applicants.
  • MOUs will be updated as needed for confidentiality, process and payment clauses

5. Analysts and Press Policy

  • Requests for discussions will be seen and approved by info@open-ix roll list which includes Barry, Dave, Marty and Dan. PTC discussions will be limited to PR (approved by Board and iMPR) and several business development discussions approved by the board. No other Board member or OIX should conduct interviews with press or analysts without the consent and approval of the Board.

6. Use of Open-IX logos, hash-tags, “name dropping,” (brokers, IXes (SFMIX), etc.)

  • item under evaluation by Board and policy to be finalized at upcoming board meeting. Board also evaluating the types of endorsement statements for use by OIX Members and certified companies.

7. Membership Update (Christian)

  • 62 paying members as of 1/6/14, Board to vote to accept new members, Discussion on multi-year discounts tabled

8. Legal Updates

  • Attorney Client Privileged

9. Adjourned at 12:15PM ET

*Board Member