Monday, 7 JUL 2014

Monday, 7 JUL 2014 – Conference Call

Attendees: Barry Tishgart, Dave Temkin, Dan Golding, Marty Hannigan, Donald Clarke, Keith Mitchell, Gabe Cole, Richard Wolfram

Commenced 11:00AM ET

1. Treasurer Update

  • Assets: $112,474.66; Liabilities: $0
  • Receivables: $10,000 (Phoenix-IX and Omaha-IX) Total: $122,474.66

2. General Meeting

  • Board agrees Annual General Meeting to be held September 5, 2014, in NYC

3. Discussion on Elections Process

  • Board agrees that Nominating Committee will select and present a slate of Board candidates
    • Balance of perspective – Proposed slate should have more network operators and representation from IXP and data center operators
    • Time commitment – OIX is member-run. Must attend at least 20 meetings per year via call and 1-2 in-person
    • Recognized industry leaders with managerial experience
    • Voting Process
    • Elections to open 48 hours before AGM, on September 3, 2014
    • Voting to continue up to noon on the day of the AGM
    • New board members to be announced at the AGM
    • Nominating committee to meet and create a slate of candidates for presentation to the OIX Board by August 15

4. Membership

  • New OIX members are approved

5. Data Centers

    No new business on data center certification

6. Marketing update

  • OIX-1 specification glossy nearly complete
  • Speaker’s Bureau up to date
  • List of conferences approved

Adjourned at 11:45AM ET.