Wednesday, 8 APR 2015

Wednesday, 8 APR 2015

Attendees: Christian Koch (Board), David Temkin (Board), Will Charnock (Board), Josh Snowhorn (Board), Chris Malayter (Board), Keith Mitchell (Board), Richard Wolfram (Counsel), Joseph Perez (Membership), Anna Claiborne (PC), Henk Steenman (IX) Not Present: Barry Tishgart (Board), Gabe Cole (DC)

Commenced 8:00AM PST

1. Old Business

  • Tiered Fees Voted on – Approved
  • Digital Realty Compliance Issue, George C will work on correcting, Josh & Gabe to follow up

2. New Business

  • Certifications
  • No Update
  • DC Committee Update
  • No Update
  • IX Committee Update
  • FL-IX still needs to provide some further data
  • PTT is very interested, but has a lot of exchanges, might be cost prohibitive. Suggestion is too certify their top/popular ixp’s as a starting point
  • JPNAP meeting @ AIS, they are interested and wanted more info
  • DC Marketing Committee Update
  • Josh/Vinay on Panel in NY
  • Speakers Bureau not a good idea, will depreciate
  • DC Membership Committee Update
  • Membership Approvals: All new members approved

3. Updates

  • Still need automation & management system, Anna recommended using 6connect DB and will discuss

4. Other

  • Is certification period too short? Should we look at possibility of longer certification periods? Need more discussion on topic
    • Sabey issued PR prior to being certified, Vinay will reach out and discuss

Adjourned at 9:00 AM PST.