Tuesday, 8 OCT 2013

Tuesday, 8 OCT 2013 - PHOENIX, ARIZONA

Attendees: Keith Mitchell, Paul Anderson, Dave Temkin, Marty Hannigan, Barry Tishgart, Dan Golding, Christian Koch, Henk Steenman, Gabe Cole

1. Finance/Treasurer Update

  • $13k in bank, $9k in Liabilities
  • Incoming donations: $5000 Comcast, $2500 Internet2
  • MH changing budget to accommodate community concerns, now looking at a ~$125k annual budget
  • MH to serve as gatekeeper, manage budget on items needing anti-trust review
  • Open-IX FAQs to be published by Dan, available on the website shortly

2. Membership

  • 20 paid members as of 10/8
  • Board and committee members must join
  • Those who made individual contributions granted member ship
  • T-shirts available
  • 501c6 done except for some financial information. Should be filed by Dave this week although government shutdown may slow down processing.

3. NANOG Peering BOF

  • Dan to cover what is Open-IX
  • CK to cover membership
  • Henk to cover IXP standards

4. Data Standard Update

  • Provisional Standard ready to go to comment on Thursday

5. IXP Standards Update

  • Provisional standard to be complete and ready for legal review on Thursday

6. Open Item:

  • What are Open-IX policies not covered in the bylaws? Need to define these on an overall level
  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Business