Monday, 8 SEPT 2015

Monday, 8 SEPT 2015

Attendees: Josh Snowhorn (Board), Barry Tishgart (Board), Christian Koch (Board) Gabe Cole (Board), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing), Will Charnock (Board), Dave Temkin (Board)

Not present: Keith Mitchell (Board), Joeseph Perez (Membership), Chris Malayter (Treasurer) Henk Steenman (IXP)

Commenced 11:00 AM EST

Board Confidentiality & Responsibility – CK

1. Old Business

  • Sabey & iMiller PR
  • Tour is Optional
  • Agreement was they would provide location, and lunch in lieu of the $10,000
  • Language changed to Hospitality Host imiller
  • Need AGM linked on main page

2. New Business

  • Membership
  • New Members Approved: Stephen Holmes, Peter Helmenstine

3. Committee Updates

  • IXP
  • MIX Proceeding with OIX1, MoU Sent out
  • Datacenter
  • DC Recommends the renewals for EdgeConnex Houston and Vantage for Santa Clara
  • Dupont Fabros
  • Board Approves Re-Certifications
  • New committee chair – Eli Scher .. conflict however if he is running for board
  • Certified entities chairing committees: Richard: board composition and should not have majority coming from ixp or datacenters. Richard will write something up.
  • Marketing
  • CapRate DC Summit – 17th of September
  • Josh and Vinay will be there in individual capacities
  • Finance
  • No New Updates

4. AGM

  • Venue
  • Agenda
  • iMPR
  • Update
  • Election
  • Richard talks about first subject. The information should be kept confidential and private
    email to all board/nominations members
  • Stern warning
  • Going over options for addressing. write an email, stern warning, option to reach out to richard, amnesty will be granted if they do this
  • send an email re: breach

Adjourned at 11:50 AM EST.