Wednesday, 9 DEC 2015

Wednesday, 9 DEC 2015

Attendees: Dave Temkin (Board/Chair), Will Charnock (Vice Chairman), Christian Koch (Secretary), Chris Malayter (Treasurer), Josh Snowhorn (Director), Keith Mitchell (Director), Gabe Cole (Executive Director), Richard Wolfram (Attorney), Greg Hankins (Future Board)

Not present: Barry Tishgart (Director), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing/Future Board), Joseph Perez (Membership), Hank Steenman (IXP)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 6:05 pM EST

1. Executive Director Update

  • Bad links to certified entities open-ix data. Need to come up with a plan moving forward on what to do when this is encountered
  • Still need volunteers throughout committees
  • Good progress on events and outreach and want to put together draft schedule on future events.
  • Feedback from volunteers that there’s been little to activity or meetings on the membership committee. Gabe will reach out to volunteers and we will seek to rectify.

2. Treasurer Update

  • AMS-IX bill has been paid
  • Everything should be sorted out in next week or 2, targeting 2nd week in january to close out finances

3. Old Business

  • N/A

4. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • MOU + Questionnaire sent to NAP Africa
  • DC Committee
  • Webair Application + MOU Received. Application in Review
  • Marketing Committee
  • 12/9 Media Alert issued for AFCOM NY event on 12/10, Gabe participating.
  • 12/12 Mass-IX OIX PR sccheduled upon finalization
  • Next event: PTC Jan 17-20, 2016. Gabe, Josh, Will attending
  • Complaint/Resolution process drafted, website developed, testing underway
  • iMPR three month Social Media report attached
  • Membership Committee
  • New Members Approved: Mike Hammett, Hunter Newby
  • General Committee Updates
  • N/A

5. New Business

  • Send out doodle poll to schedule meeting first week of january to elect new officers
  • AIS Previous Meeting Minutes
  • N/A

Adjourned at 6:30 PM EST.