Tuesday, 9 FEB 2016

Tuesday, 9 FEB 2016

Attendees: Will Charnock (Chairman), Christian Koch (Vice Chairman), Greg Hankins (Treasurer), Chris Malayter (Director), Gabe Cole (Executive Director/Secretary), Vinay Nagpal (Marketing/Director – via phone), Josh Snowhorn (Director), Dave Temkin (Director), Hank Steenman (IXP), Eli Scher (DC), Joseph Perez (Membership)

Not present: Richard Wolfram (Attorney)

Motion to Approve Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved

Commenced 11:09 AM PST

1. Executive Director Update

  • Requested permission to retain Laredo and Smith for a health check on corporate/nonprofit filings.  Request granted.

2. Chairman Update

  • Annual committee review and reappointments: based on expressions of interest from new volunteers prior to the meeting, and then a subsequent request for interest from existing volunteers, the board voted to reform the committees. Existing chairs were asked to call a meeting as soon as possible and elect (or reelect) a chair from the members.

3. Treasurer Update

  • October, November, December financials approved for posting.
  • 2015 Compilation report approved for posting.
  • Accountant will work on taxes when forms are available.
  • Insurance renewal will stay the same.
  • Discussed potential revisions to finance policy.

4. Old Business

  • AIS: Christian and Gabe reviewed date options.  After discussion, board asked Gabe to explore options for a combined AIS/AGM to be held the week of November 14, tentatively in Phoenix.

5. Committee Reports

  • IXP Committee
  • Brief discussion of direction for new standards.  Consensus was that committee should review potential ones and try to build a dialog with membership.
  • DC Committee
  • Webair certified for OIX-2.
  • Once new committee is seated will embark on a process similar to IXP.
  • Marketing Committee
  • Currently undertaking a detailed review of iMPR and JFG services. Will discuss at a future board meeting.
  • Membership Committee
  • New member approved: Paul Greshko.
  • Desperately need membership management solution. Gabe has been reviewing and will start to send updates/demo info to board list.
  • General Committee Updates
  • None

6. New Business

  • Discussion of whether board members should be required to sign confidentiality agreements – no action.
    Discussion of whether to consider board member as liaisons to committees – no action.
  • Board offsite tentatively scheduled for week of 3/14.

Adjourned at 12:53 PM PST.