Monday, 9 MAR 2015

Monday, 9 MAR 2015 – Conference Call

Attendees: Board Members Christian Koch, Keith Mitchell, Dave Temkin, Chris Malayter. Not Present: Barry Tishgart, Will Charnock

Board Observers Vinay Nagpal (Marketing Committee), Richard Wolfram (Counsel), Not Present: Henk Steenman (IX Committee), Anna Claiborne (Program Committee), Joseph Perez (Membership Committee)

Commenced 11:00PM EST

1. Old Business

  • Draft Financial Statements – Board Approves, Chris M to move forward finalizing
  • Dave – Submitted for application for D&O insurance
  • 2015 Budget – 100K in marketing bucket, AIS should be broken out into pro-forma budget to track P&L. Chris M will have update and better understanding on 2015 budget at next BOD meeting
  • GPF/AIS Volunteers – Richard clarified that in the first instance this is a question of the need for confidentiality by any person involved with either or especially both conferences.
  • If there is Volunteering for both conferences (GPF/AIS). it should be clear that no information should be shared between organizations.

2. New Business

  • PeeringDB
  • Lacks funding mechanism, Is Open-IX willing to create a pass through funding source for PeeringDB?
  • Christian – Not in support of funding, raises idea of taking PeeringDB over fully.
  • Board agrees neither option is attractive to the organization at this time and will not move forward with discussions.
  • ISOC/IXP Toolkit/Speaking
  • ISOC has a program called IXP toolkit, providing training and resources to developing IXP’s in emerging countries/regions of the world. Possiblite synergy to reccomend Open-IX standards. CK will explore further with ISOC
  • Can someone from ISOC speak @ AIS
  • Certifications
  • None at this time
  • DC Committee Update
  • Datagrid will go out for update
  • Digital Realty Cross Connect Pricing on site, should be done this week
  • QTS – Customer Advisory Board, found new person handling
  • IX Committee Update
  • DE-CIX Certification – APPROVED
  • AMS-IX Amsterdam – APPROVED
  • FL-IX pending application
  • Marketing Committee Update
  • PR on participation in DCD event march 17 christian/gabe
    updates to open-ix slide deck
  • talk about opportunity created, not about the problem fixed
  • Josh concerned DCD is not right audience
  • ITW next event… Dave, Vinay will be in attendance and available for a meeting or 2
  • TIA association.. host panel on interconnection, dc’s, need more info
  • Website updates.. PC Chair, Anna update on website
  • Membership Committee Update
  • No Attendance
  • Membership Approvals
  • Pending Members Approved
  • AIS Updates
  • Good feedback from apricot, good representation from latam
  • Agenda looking good, updates coming soon
  • attendance @ 84
  • Board Activity & Participation
  • Need more people to step up and get involved, if you dont have the time or have other conflicts, please make it be known to the board. otherwise we expect full participation

3. Other

  • MOU Updated and approved, will begin certification renewals

Adjourned at 12:00PM ET.