Tuesday, 12 DEC 2017

Meeting of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Date: 2017-12-19

Location: Via conference bridge

Start Time: 18:04 UTC


  • Matt Griswold, Director, Chair

  • Eli Scher, Director, Vice-Chair

  • Rob DeVita, Director

  • Aaron Hughes, Director

  • Aiste Buinauskaite, Executive Director (minute taker)

  • Mona Weisberg, Co-Chair Marketing Committee

  • Chris Grundemann, Chair BCOP Committee

  • Richard Wolfram, Open-IX legal counsel

  • Chris Phillips, Chair IX Group Committee

  • Eric Ballard, Vice-Chair IX Group Committee

  • Sagi Brody, Chair Data Center Committee

  • Frank Rey, Director-elect



  • Carla Sanderson, Co-Chair Marketing Committee (excused)

  • Dave Temkin, Director, Treasurer (excused)

  • Corey Gallon, Director-elect (excused)

  • Vinay Nagpal, Director (unexcused)


Minutes of the meeting:

  1. The Chair called the meeting to order at 18:04 UTC

  2. Adoption of Meeting Minutes 2017-11-09

It was moved by Aaron Hughes, and seconded by Eli Scher, that:

“The Open-IX Board adopts the November 19th, 2017 Meeting Minutes, as written.”

The motion carried with no objections.

  1. Committee Updates (Chair to lead)

    1. Datacenter (Sagi Brody to lead)

      1. Sagi announced that Jim Grady will be Chair of Data Center Committee after Sagi becomes a Director. He stated that the remaining three committee members are to be present in committee meetings at least once a month and take ownership of tasks.

      2. Sagi stated that there has been discussion about potentially extending OIX-2 or creating some kind of standard prefabricated container for data centers that are being built.

      3. Sagi stated that just like the added HIPAA Crosswalk, which is a way for certified facilities to demonstrate self certified compliance, same thing could be done for other standards. The committee thought it was a good idea. These Crosswalks allow operators to show how they comply with these regulations and what they are responsible for in the context of colocation and cross connects. Crosswalks also provide operators with incremental step towards certification through a third party auditor. Sagi went to a third party auditor to get a quote. Eli and Matt agreed that it is important to go after other Crosswalks and leverage them.

    2. IX (Chris Phillips to lead)

      1. Chris stated that there are two new volunteers that are interested in helping out in the IX Committee.

      2. He stated that he and Aiste Buinauskaite was on the call with Silkstart and discussed some ongoing shortcomings of functions of Silkstart.

      3. Chris pointed out that current way of maintaining the mailing list is not efficient and not functional if more members were to be added.

    3. Marketing (Mona Weisberg to lead)

      1. Mona updated that she had a call with Robert DeVita where they discussed 2018 event and conference list. Mona stated that  Robert had suggested that a board member needs to be dedicated for Open-IX rather than their job at different events. Robert is working on a budget regarding this. Chris Phillips stepped up and suggested he could wear the Open-IX hat at PTC. Sagi and Aaron also stepped forward and stated that they will have availability at PTC to hold Open-IX meetings.

      2. Mona stated that she will have a chat with a social marketing vendor to see if Open-IX could hold meetings in the media room.

      3. Mona announced that they will have a call for volunteers, and also introduced Lisa Lee as a new member to the Marketing Committee.

      4. Sagi stated that there is a lot that could be done and recycled in terms of marketing under the umbrella of HIPAA or future standards. Mona suggested that a social marketing vendor could be utilized for this. Sagi stated that the arguing point is that there needs to be consistent messaging and consistent information going across all platforms. Sagi suggested that we should have a meeting in PTC with potential social marketing vendors and discuss in more detail.  


  1. Any other business. (Chair to lead)

    1. Matt stated that an audit of the books should be done and suggestions for a firm are welcome. Eli suggested that a solo practitioner would be a good choice.

    2. Richard gave an update on the progress with ANSI.

  2. Meeting adjourned at 18:39 UTC