Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is tasked with promoting Open-IX Association in the community and working closely with Open-IX certified Data Centers and Internet Exchange Points to drive membership to the certified exchanges.

Secondly, the Marketing Committee is tasked to ensure that Open-IX Association is represented adequately and accurately at the relevant industry events both for speaking engagements and for having a presence to create awareness about Open-IX globally.

Finally, the Marketing Committee will act as a liaison for the Open-IX Board, in management of the PR agency, the Open-IX Association website, and all external messaging, including creation of marketing collateral.

To contact Marketing Committee, please email us at:


Committee Members

All of Open-IX Committees are comprised of volunteer representatives from the Global Internet community, who are coming together to create a better, safer, stronger, fairer Internet.

The expected weekly time commitment for task completion is one to two (1-2) hours per week.
It is asked that volunteers for this committee commit to a one-year term.


Mona Weisberg, Co-Chair

Mike Segal

Jillfrances Gray

Shawna Bong


OIX Marketing Committee Charter

There following are core objectives the committee would like to achieve.

1. Outreach & Event Strategy


Identify industry events to have a presence, wrap social media and outreach around these events. Insure that we have proper coverage from Open-IX to cover the events.

  • Domestic and international.

  • Speaking engagements each year. Peering and dedicated outreach for increased membership.


  • Meet current individual members, certified exchanges and data centers to update and engage on Open-IX.  

  • Meet with prospective individual members, exchanges and data centers to discuss the benefits of Open-IX with the objective of increasing membership numbers and certifying more exchanges and facilities.

  • Engage with peering and data center communities across markets to establish global brand awareness: the Americas, Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific (APAC).


2. Social Media Strategy


Overhaul the OIX brand image within Social Channels. Compose a strategy that targets industry professionals, service providers, certified entities, and end users, and ramp up engagement.


  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase public awareness and positive image of the Open-IX Brand.
  • Increase the number of certifications
  • Generate leads for OIX1 & OIX2 Certifications
  • Increase individual membership
  • Drive new membership through outreach, incentives, and new benefits.
  • Engage the community
  • Engage in meaningful discussions with the community through social channels


3. Member Benefits Strategy


Identify events to give back to members- social and or education sessions throughout the year.


  • Identify Social Events in locations where we have the most Open-IX certified entities or large amount of individual members, these should be stand-alone events not piggybacked on other industry events to increase Open-IX identity in each region
  • To ensure that we retain membership and that the entities and individual members are feeling value from the Organization: identity with Industry standards; thought leadership; center for knowledge and repository for RFPs/white papers, etc.

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