Edge Data Center Certification

The OIX Edge Data Center Certification is a self-administered ANSI standard. It provides a common framework for identifying edge data center characteristics, making it easier for vendors to communicate and differentiate their products’ capabilities while also helping buyers communicate their edge data center needs in concise ways. The OIX Edge Data Center standard was developed through several years of research and collaboration among various internet and communications industry constituencies. The resulting standards are intended to allow for a more efficient procurement of edge internet infrastructure.

Interested in an Edge Certification? Contact edge-group@open-ix.org 


What is an Edge Data Center?

Data Centers can be located anywhere, Edge Data Centers are located closer to the user at a network “edge,” essentially where the data enters and exits the network itself. Placing compute resources at a network edge can result in faster speeds, reduced latency, increased security and reliability, and a reduction in overall bandwidth consumption. With the explosion of IoT data and the insatiable desire for real time analytics and improved network performance, Edge DC will play an integral role in supporting what is possible for industrial and enterprise businesses in the future. 

About the Edge Data Center Certification

The Edge Data Center committee is comprised of industry experts in Data Center operations, connectivity, design, and reliability. The OIX-3 accreditation is a testament to the desire to maintain technical and operational standards that further promote and enhance the future of the internet and its infrastructure.

The Open-IX Edge Standard (“OIX-3” or “Edge “Standard”) establishes the technical criteria for Edge locations to be certified. The Edge Standard consists of both physical and operational requirements. Among the physical requirements, the Edge Standard sets forth, notably, the minimum level of resiliency and redundancy with respect to utility feeds, transformers, UPS, electrical distribution infrastructure, back-up generators and cooling capacity; criteria for fire protection, water sources, building security and remote site management. The standard is divided into 5 sub-categories (XS, S, M, L, XL) relating to rack capacity.  Edge compute enclosures can meet or fail the specific requirements for each sub-category. 

The OIX-3 Edge Standard:  OIX-3-Edge-Standard.pdf