Sponsorship Opportunities

Open-IX is pleased to announce Annual Sponsorship opportunities for organizations that wish to support the Open-IX mission of proliferating IXPs, but do not control an entity that can seek certification.



This unique opportunity for annual sponsorship funds the development and maintenance of our Interconnection Navigator. This sponsorship opportunity directly supports a web-based research tool that increases transparency around interconnection and IXPs.  The tool is used by research analysts, infrastructure procurement teams and industry decision makers. Open-IX has many plans for improvements to the Navigator and the organization is eager for the opportunity to obtain the resources to complete these goals. Only one of these sponsorships is available per year, and here’s what is included:


This event sponsorship enables us to host a virtual Happy Hour in your name. The one hour Happy Hour is scheduled at your convenience and you are welcome to invite any guests of your choosing. This is a collaborative event meant to encourage networking between individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact and includes lottery style giveaways for up to 5 guests. Whether you sponsor an event or not, please join us! These are open to everyone and invites are sent to our membership list.  


This annual sponsorship supports Open-IX with general organizational maintenance. Including managing and maintaining our website, creating events and videos and promoting our standards.

10G SPONSORSHIP [$5,000]

This annual sponsorship enables us to support organizational goals and general maintenance. Including but not limited to website development, professional services and consultants. Only 20 are available.

40G SPONSORSHIP [$10,000]

This annual sponsorship allows Open-IX to continue to grow our community outreach, maintain our ANSI certification and bolster our media presence, among other things. Only 10 are available.

100G SPONSORSHIP [$25,000]

This top tier annual sponsorship enables us to set and meet future goals including but not limited to the creation of an Edge standard/certification as well as improvements to our website’s user interface. Only four are available.

Interested in learning more about sponsorship?
Reach out to
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